You’re hosting a dinner party for some important clients in two weeks; you want to make a good impression. To do so, you will reach for your best wines and whip up delectable hors d’oeuvres. And you know food and wine go hand in hand, but find difficulty displaying them artfully on the same table. Where do you put the wine in relation to the food platters? Do you cluster them into two groups: drinkable and edible? Not to mention how, exactly, do you situate both food and wine to appease the eye? If only there were a two in one type gadget to solve the dilemma. You quest for a solution and stumble upon Doug Haley. You let out a sigh, place your order, and await the delivery of your Wine Caddy.

Haley grew up crafting things. Realizing his talent, he opened up his own custom furniture shop in 1986. After 24 years of furniture, Haley narrowed his creations to smaller products for the kitchen and home. His high standards and attention to detail make each individual piece a work of beauty. He assures his customers: “I believe craftsmanship goes far beyond the manipulation of one’s hands—it’s a state of mind that is satisfied with nothing less than excellence.” Haley is a man dedicated to outputting the utmost quality and unique items.

Haley’s Fine Wine Caddies are nothing short of his superior craftsmanship. Made to order, these wooden (offered in maple, cherry, bubinga, and zebrawood) designs merge two food trays (complete with a food safe finish), slits for four wine glasses, and accommodation for one or two wine bottles (up to 3.25 diameter). All caddies are 19½” long, 8½” deep, and 7” tall. Special orders can be made should you require different measurements. The ultimate dinner party must-have allows easy accessibility to snacks and wine without taking up the entire table. Haley reinforces the legs with thin layers of black walnut creating a strong base. The Wine Caddy is your all in one display for food and wine.

Your Wine Caddy arrives just in time. You’re so impressed with Haley’s work that you make it your table centerpiece. The clients enter your home, fresh with the scent of garlic tomato bruschetta mingled with a freshly opened bottle. They immediately take note and compliment the Wine Caddy. You know the rest of the evening will go swell thanks to Mr. Doug Haley.

Single Bottle Wine Caddy made to order $168
Double Bottle Wine Caddy made to order $174
* Note: wood choice will affect pricing