The Winery Passport is back in our spot light with a fabulous new feature update sure to make your lives easier. For those of you who may have missed our previous feature, here’s a quick recap: Winery Passport connects consumers to wineries and wineries to consumers by allowing users to search nearby wineries and document their experiences while obtaining digital stamps for their own winery passport with the fun benefit of receiving exclusive offers after each visit.

The new update enhances consumer connections to over 5,000 wineries in the United States and Canada. Now when you open up the app, you should notice some new buttons: “Buy Wine”, “Book Tasting”, and “Wine Club”. These buttons pop up whenever you visit one of the wineries homepages within the app. Most impressively, Winery Passport acts as the middleman allowing consumers to contact wineries directly. Essentially Winery Passport is increasing profits for affiliated wineries by eliminating other tiers of distribution with Direct-to-Consumer sales (DTC).

DTC works like this. You search a winery suiting your fancy and press one of those three new glorious button additions. You’re then switched to a screen where the user can input their name, address, email, etc. After the form is submitted, it’s received by the desired winery. This allows the winery to know that a qualified lead is interested in their wine, scheduling a tasting, or interested in their wine club.

Here’s the catch: if the winery does not take the lead within a reasonable time (with a $5 fee for Winery Passport’s assistance), the lead can be passed off to other partnered sources who can offer recommendations for the user. $5 is a minimal fee compared to the average amount spent on a tasting or simply on a bottle.

Winery Passport just upped their game—connect to wineries and book tastings directly through your phone. Can’t get any better than that!

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