Tequila is a bartender’s friend, and not just for its versatility, shoot-ability, and drinkability. Tequila is what we reach for at the end of the night when we want to pour ourselves just one after all the money is counted in the wee hours of the morning. If you want to buy us a shot, a high end Reposado or Añejo is usually a safe choice that will curry favor with even the most seasoned and cantankerous bar professional.

So when Olmeca Altos, a tequila created by two of London’s most prestigious bartenders, announced it was releasing a long-awaited Añejo to complete a family that already included an excellent Plata and Reposado, it quickly topped our “must try” list. The product of a collaboration between the late revered mixologist and drinks industry entrepreneurial legend Henry Besant, Dre Masso (another highly-respected UK and international bartender and industry consultant) and Master Distiller Jesús Hernándes, Olmeca Altos is crafted by tequila-drinkers, for tequila-drinkers.

For the Añejo, contributions were made by yet another ultra-prominent bartender, with the U.S.’s Charles Joly (the first American to be crowned Global Bartending champion in 2014 and voted America’s Top Bartender twice) adding his expertise. Crafted using a traditional Tahona wheel to crush the 100% Blue Agave, Olmeca Añejo is both complex and well-rounded. The 18 month aging process in American oak barrels adds a palate-pleasing earthiness to notes of dried mango, roasted almonds, and dark chocolate.

You’d trust the contractor on what type of drywall you should use. Trust the bartenders on what to drink.

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