This gnome is far from your standard garden variety. He’s here to party and he’s cooked up something that’s sure to please even the most eccentric drinkers. Mixed with equal parts Absolut Elyx and champagne, this cocktail serves up a tall order of taste (in a small form). Topped with pear puree, cinnamon, and apple juice, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever went without it! Served out of a copper gnome, this drink will be the hit of any party you attend, especially one with any competing lawn ornaments in attendance. Just don’t brag too much, you’ll make the Pink Flamingo jealous.

No Place Like Gnome

2 Parts Absolut Elyx
2 Parts Pear Puree
2 Parts Unfiltered Apple Juice
1 Part Cinnamon Cordial
2 Parts Perrier Jouet Brut Champagne

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker tin over cubed ice. Shake then strain into a copper gnome over cubed ice. And who needs a garnish when you’re drinking out of a gnome?