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Nicolas Feuillatte, a daring and spirited entrepreneur, was once the largest importer of African coffee in the U.S. Tired of New York and its jetsetters, he returned to France, acquired 12 hectares of vines in the Ardre Valley, and applied his skill, palate and finesse to the Champagne world. Faced with competition and derision from centuries-old Champagne Houses, the newcomer brand climbed through the ranks in just 35 years, to be known amongst the Champagne greats, with the Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes d’Or Vintage as the prestigious centerpiece.  The brand masterfully balances modern vision while remaining true to Champagne’s storied traditions and respecting the valuable work of its member growers. Palmes d’Or Brut 2002 encompasses all of the elegance and finesse of Chardonnay combined with the full body of Pinot Noir. Only exceptional harvests are deemed worthy of wearing the Palmes d’Or name. Flashing its unabashed modern roots, the bottle is engraved with a thousand brilliant dimples. We can only imagine how good that coffee was…
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