With three distinctive appellations, it’s no surprise Newton Vineyard is still leading the way since its start in 1977. The terraced mountain estate spans a vast 560 acres; one-fifth is dedicated to the production of quality fruits, while the rest runs wild with the native forests and indigenous wildlife. Newton’s main game is balancing sustainable practices with quality wine production. The vineyards are all hand maintained including harvesting and distilling processes.

Known for its consistent supply towards Newton’s Cabernet Sauvignon, Spring Mountain’s fruit is spritely, expressing an intensity and opulence mellowed by an unparalleled vibrancy. In 2014, six blocks of the Spring Mountain’s vineyards, with an average vine age of 24 years, were selected for the 2014 Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. A true Newton wild child, 2014 Spring Mountain is a fresh, fruity mixture twisted with bold black currants, mocha, and tobacco notes. The palate is both refined and complex leaving the glass always half full.

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