The highly lauded distillers at Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky have been periodically releasing small batches of the aged expression Black Bull 40 Year over the last several years, each batch unique and displaying its own distinct characteristics and flavor profile. In this particular highly-anticipated batch of Black Bull 40 Year, distillers are confident they have surpassed even the lofty expectations sallied by previous award-winning whiskies—thus the luxury price tag of £750 ($980) per bottle.

Only 1500 bottles of this exclusive aged blend are being released worldwide, and collectors and aficionados are sure to appreciate the rare vintages contained within each bottle—including esteemed single malts like Macallan 1969, Glenlivet 1968, and Aberlour 1975. This latest Black Bull 40 Year packs a punch with a high 47.5 ABV and it’s rich in malt flavors with a ratio of 86% malt whisky to 14% grain.

Duncan Taylor CEO Euan Shand commented, “Black Bull 40 Year Old is a world class whisky and it has been worth the wait to add it to our portfolio. We are confident that it will take its place amongst the best luxury whiskies available today and cement our position in the marketplace.” With blind taste test ratings of 94% from industry leaders and intriguing tasting notes that include toffee, milk chocolate, pears, and mangoes, this latest release is off to a solid start.