There are plenty of places to stay in New York. Some people would say too many. To truly stand out in the oversaturated crowd of New York hotels, you have to do something that turns heads. This hotel is doing both, standing out and simultaneously turning heads. Thriving in the heart of the Theater District in Manhattan is The Time New York.

The Time New York was recently the recipient of a $20 million renovation and the hotel is all the better for it. Filled with art, including exclusive installations, the design of The Time is unlike no other, leaning on multimedia and music for its inspiration. Whether you are looking to unwind in their lounge or restaurant, or if you are in town wanting to see the latest hit Broadway play, The Time has you covered. Their LeGrande Lounge is locally famous, transforming nightly into a stylish cocktail bar. Just as enticing is Serafina, their ground floor Italian restaurant that is a must for tourists and New Yorkers alike. On top of that, The Time staff knows their stuff and will go above and beyond to make sure that your stay is unlike any you’ve had before. The Time will make you forget that you are staying in the city that never sleeps. Whether it’s the balcony in your private suite or the urban décor designed by the Rockwell group in your double guest room, each of their 167 rooms and 25 suites has elements that will leave you breathless.

And when I said that The Time was turning heads, I meant it. The Time New York is now offering truly unique, one of a kind Diamond District tours to their guests. New York’s world famous, but clandestine Diamond District is the premier destination for celebrities looking to add some extra bling to their wardrobe, and now, as a guest of The Time, you can shop like royalty. The Time and Diamond District Tours have combined forces to offer three different retail experiences, all including a private tour of the Diamond District, access to industry experts, and pricing exclusively available to guests staying at The Time. You can find the rate that fits your budget, or you can follow the celebrity’s tastes that speak to your own, including Floyd Mayweather or Rihanna. This premier experience is nothing short of incredible. These packages paired with the hotel itself and all it has to offer, there’s only one problem with The Time New York. When it’s time to check out, you won’t want to leave.

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