Tequila lovers, rejoice. Something special is in store for you, courtesy of Santera Tequila.

For those seeking spirituality in their spirit, Santera offers a fascinating journey into mind, body and spirit. It pays tribute to a female saint who once traveled the scorched earth, touching those with a thirst for an ultimate redemption.

Santera Tequila is made from 100% blue agave, grown in the red volcanic soils of the dormant Volcán de Tequila in the northern highlands of Jalisco. The 10,000-foot volcano erupted 22,000 years ago, forming the ideal environment for agave to grow in perfect harmony with the climate. It is distilled and bottled by Destilladora del Valle de Tequila Casa Maestri in Tequila, Jalisco. Three versions are produced: Blanco, Reposado and Añejo. Master Distiller Sebastian Melendrez selects the optimal aging for each: 8 months for the Blanco, 16 for the Reposado, aged in French oak barrels, and 22 months for the superb Añejo. The liquid is housed in a modern, minimalist bottle, designed to express the notion of merging the usual and the supernatural.

Santera celebrates Mexican culture-one that recognizes and respects the past, but whose ultimate gaze is towards the future.

Santera Blanco $49.99
Santera Reposado $52.99
Santera Añejo $59.99

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