What’s a woman to do in the male dominated industry of spirits? She gets to distilling of course and crafts a all American 94-point vodka. Ukrainian born and a family background in vodka distillery, Yuliya Mamontova aimed to create a unique vodka that exemplified the strength of women. She gained her inspiration from entering a male dominated area of expertise and wants to encourage other aspiring females, regardless of their industry, to chase their passions even in a man’s world. Thus Anestasia Vodka was born with a bottle to match the connotations of this powerful, sensual, and dramatic brand.

Mamontova locally sourced the two main ingredients from the Northwest. First, the sweet corn in obtained from northwestern farmers. Second, the natural and exceptionally pure water of the Cascade Mountains flows through lava rock riverbeds allowing the water to avoid picking up metallic salts. To begin the process, the sweet corn grains are mixed with fermenting sugars and yeast then distilled five times. The distillate is mixed and blended with the Cascade Mountain water before being filtered five times through crushed lava rock, neutral charcoal, and Arkansas-derived quartz crystal. The finished product is fresh, pure, smooth, and easy-to-drink.

Perhaps the most distinguishable feature is the bottle itself. Cut and angled to represent the letters V and K (think “vodka”), New York based designer, Karim Rashid, designed the bottle to depict the modern American luxury. The bottle enhances Anestasia’s implications of excitement, confidence, and anticipation. Made from recycled materials, the bottle can be reused as a decanter or stylish vase.

Support Mamontova’s important and empowering message to all women out there and buy your bottle of Anestasia Vodka.

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