Connacht Whiskey Company Ltd. has launched Spade&Bushel, a new labeling that will present unique, exceptional Irish whiskey – a 10-year old cask strength Single Malt whiskey- now available in the U.S. It was aged using oak barrels and Master Distiller Robert Cassell said that the full depth flavor would be lost if the whiskey was diluted to a lower proof so he chose to bottle the spirit at full cask strength of 115 proof. With lovely aromas of soda bread, apples and pears with spiced praline all wrapped in a dry-yet-fruity medium body, this memorable single malt has a honeyed stone fruit and baking spice finish.

 As the single pot-still Irish whiskey matures, Connacht Whiskey Company Ltd. will have the opportunity to bring exceptional Irish whiskeys to market via the Spade&Bushel label. The company originally is a collaboration between four men, one Irishman and three Americans that spans generations and the Atlantic. Theirs is a story of ocean crossings, of “hellos” and”goodbyes”, of holding fast to history and building new traditions.

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