The future has arrived, England born boxed wine distributors have created a tasty sparkling white wine packaged in a perfect tin can. BIB (Bag in Box) company has introduced Quello, an Italian crafted prosecco of 11% alcohol content in slender 7oz aluminum packaging.  The wine undergoes natural fermentation with Trebbiana and the rare Pagadebit grapes before heading off for another round of fermentation in a tank with a final sugar content lower than most Proseccos.

Move over beer, this wine sells in 24 packs and is an optimal space saver in coolers on their way to the beach, pool or any other glass-free zone. Finally, those who dislike beer can finally and safely blend in with the beer drinkers. Environmentally friendly, the cans are made from recycled materials and are stackable for any size refrigerator. Enjoy Quello chilled and let its light yet zesty flavors bring a delicate zing to your palate.

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