You’re about to go bananas for this one-of-a-kind gin that unites British traditions, the exoticness of India, and the purity and nativeness of the Black Forest. Monkey 47 is an atypically flavored molasses based Schwarzwald Dry Gin filled with many ingredients found in the Black Forest, but a total if 47 ingredients make up for the eccentric taste. The super special secret weapons come in a small circular package that packs a big, delicious punch. Locally sourced cranberries add an unrivaled complexity and quality to the spirit that you won’t find anywhere else. Each specifically chosen ingredient is handpicked, prepared in the rather soft spring water from, you guessed it, the Black Forest, and finally undergoes the distillation process. Your tongue will be working overdrive to full take in and separate out each individual flavor. It’s refreshing to see such a different and bold German gin on the market for the world to experience and enjoy.


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