Italian winemakers La Giustiniana have achieved perfection with this exquisite 2013 Gavi di Gavi Lugarara. The Giustiniana estate, located in the commune of Rovereto in Gavi, has become well-known for its excellent production of wines. Being nestled in the foothills of the Apennines, just north of Genoa, has allowed the Giustiniani to grow rich Cortese grapes.

With great soil and care from both the climate and the winemakers, these grapes develop into a wine that is crisp and refreshing with excellent acidity. Italian wine lovers are in for a treat with this bottle. The wine’s tasting notes include juicy apple, sweet pear and lime, before finishing with a hint of crushed almonds.

Pair this beautiful wine with your next seafood dish for a satisfying experience, or serve it alongside Gouda or Havarti cheese with a celebratory toast. Saluti!