Sick of glasses of grenadine and overpriced ice? Be the master of your own sipping fate! With more than 20 expertly developed mixer flavors (many featuring real fruit), Master of Mixes empowers cocktail enthusiasts to become DIY bartenders. Now the punchy purveyor goes one step further in democratizing drink making prowess with a completely free digital resource: The website features not only sure-to-please recipes, but handy tips and techniques to ensure perfect results every time. Visitors can find instructions for refreshments made from the entire range of Master of Mixes products, including low-calorie Lite mixer versions, specialty Martini Gold line flavors, and Cocktail Essentials. After brushing up on how to make old an favorite or discovering a new one, those thirsty for more can also check out highlighted seasonal drinks and even get to know the brand’s featured Mixologist. Cheers!