Unless you’ve been hiding under a very dry rock you know that this season, Rosé is all the rage. Whether it’s in a can, box, bottle, or glass, this sassy and sweet summertime favorite is everywhere. In a worldwide fad that’s showing no signs of stopping, Rosé has since started its own Instagram trend and popularized slogans like “rosé all day” and “stop and smell the rosé” on everything from swimsuits to housewares. It even has its own holiday, National Rosé Day! Which is observed every year on the second Saturday in June. Young, old, sorority girls, bankers, everyone is embracing this pretty in pink classic.

The winemakers over at Mirabeau know a thing or two about great Rosé, they’ve been making this refreshing favorite for almost 10 years and have now spread their knowledge, expertise and passion for the pink to over 50 markets. For a true taste of rosé grab yourself a bottle of their 2017 Classic Rosé. Colored with the intense pink hues that we have come to know and love and expressive flavors of red berry fruit, this classic rosé is well…classic. From the first sip strawberry and raspberry flavors are at the forefront, but are artfully balanced with freshness and acidity, while the finish is highlighted with notes of red currant and pear.

Pretty much screaming to be the star at your next party, this is THE rosé to try as you hop on the “rosé all day” bandwagon!

Price: $20-25 (USD)

Where to buy: https://www.mirabeauwine.com/where-to-buy/

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