Irish whiskey is not usually known for commanding the same price as some of its rarer Scotch brethren, but occasionally, very special bottles surface that warrant a deep reach into your wallet. Such is the case with the Midleton Very Rare 30th Anniversary Pearl Edition. It celebrates 30 years of popularity of one of Ireland’s more beloved and premium whiskey expressions: the Midleton Very Rare, distilled at Midleton distillery in County Cork. This blend of a 1984 single pot still whiskey and a 1981 grain whiskey, both matured in American oak barrels, has filled only 117 bottles. Every one is a work of art itself; each is shaped individually by a family of Irish glassblowers. There’s also a miniature flask of the whisky included in the handcrafted oak box, so you can enjoy it without cracking open the full bottle.

Price: $7400