Can anyone look at this portable kegerator and not think of Will Ferrell’s Old School character, Frank the Tank?

That’s what I asked myself when I first saw Hank The Beer Tank. This movie reference is probably appropriate though, as Frank the Tank would have approved of this serious party machine.

Looking like it came out of a local hardware store, this piece of heavy duty drinking equipment makes beer lovers drool. This portable kegerator comes with all the necessary capabilities for keeping a sixtel keg, or 5 gallon keg of homebrew beer cold, including a digital thermostat and a compressor. It’s also designed to run off a versatile power source ranging from a standard outlet to even the DC outlet in your car.

As an added bonus, it’s equipped with a collapsible draft tower for easy transportation to and from the party. Although—I must say—if you own Hank, there is no going to the party. You are the party.