Rum aged bathtub gin?

Madness, you say? Well, yes, it is. And these distillers know it. They’re even on the record, or on this gin’s label rather, admitting that a rum-aged bathtub gin is crazy.

There is of course a method to their madness because this gin, aged in rum casks for 10 months, beautifully pulls off classic flavors with an inventive twist. The fellas at Master of Malt describe this gin as having flavors like mango, orange, and molasses, as well as whiffs of anise, vanilla, and—to the delight of your inner teen—gummy lemonade bottles.

Gummy scents, you say? Well, yes. What do you expect from a gin that is part of spirit line, which even they call their “Batshit Mental Ideas” range?

If you’re the type who yawns when hearing the words “London Dry,” then this gin was made by your people. Get a bottle of this gin, and go crazy. In a good way.