Perhaps you’ve heard about Busch’s or Coors’ cold indicator—when the mountains on the label turn blue, your beer has the ultimate chill factor for drinking. But, everyone knows, you drink beer cold, not warm or room temperature, but legitimately cold. No thought totally goes into the specific temperature, though everyone will have their “how cold is cold enough” preference. In fact, many drinks are served cold with no mind to the specific temperature. Truth is temperature can play a large role in the quality of the drink and how the flavors and aromas are expressed. Wine, specifically, falls under this notion.

Wine consists of a wide array of varietals all ideally served at a range of temperatures. Matua, the first producer of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, is no stranger to connecting the dots between optimal temperature and its collection of wines. So, by using their innovative and brand new thermographic label technology, they are not only bringing their symbol to life in an interactive way but also revolutionizing the way we drink chilled wine.

Matua labels have long been at the heart of the company. Each label displays the company’s very own Ta Moko. In the Maori culture of New Zealand, these traditional face and body tattoos are given to each individual. Each tattoo is sacred to the wearer and is a visual representation of their own story whether that be their family, tribe, place within society, or knowledge. Granted their own Moko by local lwi elders, Matua earned a symbol illustrating the company’s leadership, respect for the New Zealand landscape, and their pioneering spirit and endless determination. With such an honor, this Moko is at the center of Matua

The Matua Chill Check label has been tested through extensive trials to confirm accuracy. The Matua winemaking team put the label to work identifying different optimal drinking temperatures for each bottle within their Matua Regional Series white and Rosé wines. The end goal is to enhance the freshness and drinkability of the wine and, in turn, increasing consumer satisfaction. Their results confirmed that Sauvignon Blanc is best served at 45OF, Chardonnay at 50OF, and both Pinot Gris and Rosé at 46OF.

So, how exactly does this seemingly magical label work? The dye cast within the label itself differs depending on the wine variety. As the bottle nears its desired temperature, the snowflake and Ta Moko on the label begin to change color becoming vibrant when the temperature matches the wine.

This is no joke; go ahead and get your thermometers out. The Chill Check label is tried and true allowing for the perfect pour every time!