How does one create harmony in a relationship? Simple, start with good raw material. It took 8 secret botanicals, harvested at their optimal freshness, for Langley’s team of expert distillers, blenders and bottlers to be sufficiently satisfied. It was the 8th batch, after exhaustive series of testing, that sealed the deal. The result? Langley’s No. 8

Founded in 1920, Langley’s award-winning distillery is still owned by the same family. Their master distillers clearly learned a thing or two about the process during the past century.

Traditional, old school methodology rules. They apply artisanal, single distillation processes, utilizing a small pot-still that was made in 1960. All this labor intensive work delivers quality and consistency every batch.

Balance is key to life and good gin. Spicy, zesty, sweet aromatics are enhanced by elegant, smooth delivery on the palate; leaving lingering, robust flavors on the finish.

This dapper, distinctly harmonious, pure, high-class spirit is meant for the discerning gin drinker. That’s you, mate.

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