Ruca Malen, meaning “the house of the young girl” derives from the indigenous myth among the Mapuche Indians. A tribal woman looked up to the heavens and fell in love with a handsome god. This god gifted her with a house that overlooked the wonders of the world. The magnificence of the Ruca Malen estate represents this exact location. At about 1000m above sea level, Bodega Ruca Malen Winery sits along the base of the Andes Mountains in sandy loam, rocky, and spongy soil. In 1998, Jean Pierre Thibaud and Jacques Louis de Montalambert came together to share their passion and love for wine by making Bodega Ruca Malen one of the most glorified wineries in Argentina.

After aging for one year in 80% French and 20% American oak barrels, Bodega Ruca Malen presented to the world a superior quality vintage product now known as Ruca Malen Malbec Reserva. With fruity flavors such as cherries, plums, and violet aromas, this red and black elegant wine will have your mouth savoring the juicy flavors. The sweet velvety tannins leave you with a fresh, long, acidic, and edgy finish. Why vintage some might ask? Well this wine only gets better with time!

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