The Wood family, based in Randolph Vermont, has taken maple syrup to a whole new level. They established themselves as masters of the art of maple sugaring in 1920 and have only soared to new heights with each generation. Now, they focus on the traditional maple syrup as well as a line of specialty syrups that are sure to impress. Wood’s Syrup challenges themselves and consumers to uncover new uses for maple syrup.

Wood’s offers truly sensational syrups thanks to a trio of partners—two of which are distilleries (Tuthilltown and Benthill)! So, how does alcohol and syrup mix? Through a relatively simple yet brilliant process, Wood’s receives used bourbon and rum barrels to age their syrups for 4-6 months. During the aging process, the syrup soaks up the left over rum or bourbon flavors creating rum and bourbon tinted syrup. But don’t worry, it’s still kid friendly. The barrels are then returned to the distilleries for their usage to produce maple influenced spirits. Wood’s also has a Smoked flavor that undergoes a super secret smoking process and a Ghosted syrup infused with handcrafted ghost pepper extract.

Whether you want the traditional maple flavor or to spice things up, Wood’s is your go-to supplier. Enjoy on pancakes, as a sugar replacement in coffee, and even craft your own cocktails. The possibilities are endless and the flavors are truly something unique.

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