Nestled in the beautiful countryside of Scotland’s most northerly county, Caithness, is Dunnet Bay Distillery, named for the lovely beaches and stunning coastlines of Dunnet Bay. Martin, the brains, and Claire, the common sense, alongside George, the boss who happens to be an adorably pint sized pooch, makes up the team responsible for the sensational release of Rock Rose gin. Crafted using the finest local and traditional botanicals, Rock Rose gin exemplifies the simplicities and complexities of Dunnet Bay. Each ingredient was chosen based on their respective flavor properties and how they interact with each other to create the perfect taste. The notable botanicals include juniper berries selected from two countries that are subjected to a vapor infusion process, rhodiola rosea also known as rose root, sea buckthorn which is a leafed shrub that grows along the coastline and produces a super vitamin C rich fruit, and rowan berries that are delightfully red and delicately flavored. All these lovely flavors are infused overnight in a traditional copper still to create the uniquely flavored Rock Rose gin.


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