In the 1920s its likely you could have smelled fermenting corn mash from the mountaintops of rural Virginia during cool evenings as bootleggers hustled to make a living with their clandestine distilling operations deep in the woods. During Prohibition, times were hard and that called for booze, even when it meant hiding secretive stills and runnin’ from the law.

Now times are good, and the sweet smell of a still at work can be experienced in the light and comfort of your home kitchen with this Tabletop Moonshine Still. For those looking to feel like a little bit of an outlaw or simply looking to recreate a spirit inseparable from American history, this still is the perfect starter kit.

This stainless steel distilling kit is made with premium materials, and is designed for ease of use and accuracy—something which I’m sure more than a few bootleggers would have liked back in the day.
The kit, when assembled, is still small enough to rest on a kitchen countertop, and yields small batches of 7-to-12 ounces of alcohol. Enough to transport you to the backwoods of Appalachia…