Sometimes all stainless steel in the kitchen feels unnatural, don’t you think?

You can add a touch of the earth to your cocktail cabinet with the help of the Swedish designers behind Sagaform. These designers specialize in making joyful, innovative gifts for the kitchen, so they know how to bring life to an otherwise dull space.

While their cocktail set comes with a standard stainless steel mixer—a necessity for durability—their wooden muddler and citrus reamer really adds the warmth and comforting design elements to a kitchen bar.

Both the muddler and the citrus reamer are made of high quality Cherrywood, which makes a bar area feel more like an enchanting forest apothecary than a space for household chores or less-than-stellar homemade drinks.

Just holding this Cherrywood muddler, it feels like I’m creating a berry smash with ingredients freshly picked from the Appalachian Mountains. Or like I’m starting a bar in a hidden log cabin…