Winery: Lyme Bay

Wine :Shoreline

Vintage: 2014

Varieties: Bacchus, Pinot Noir and Seyval Blanc (Undisclosed %)

Price: GBP £12.99 USD $16.06

I was really taken by surprise by this wine. I approached it with limited expectations as white wine isn’t a huge indulgence of mine and English white wine is a veritable rarity, but I’m pleased to report this was absolutely wonderful and exactly what I look for in a young white wine.

A powerful aroma intensity with a distinctive tropical influence, some zesty citrus, a beautiful subtle background note of cherry blossom and a lovely salinity bringing a little bit of seaside to the party! On the palate: pineapple and subtle mango dance around the mouth and are balanced with more citrus: lemon, lime and grapefruit, yet not overly tarte, in fact seemingly well balanced.

Perfect poise and with a wonderful character, this wine sings loudly and rightly so, it’s earned it! Go Lyme Bay, flying the flag for Devon in the UK wine scene, you should be proud.