Liqueur’s delicate richness is meant to be savored a bit at a time. Lyme Bay Winery Reserve Liqueurs are made the same way, each meticulously produced for precise control over the finished product. Sloe and Damson gins begin with London gin, sugar, and water; locally harvested fruit added frozen to the mixture effuses maximum flavor and color as it thaws. While these plummy recipes need about four months to soak for ideal results, the maker’s Elderflower and Lemon liqueur benefits from steeping stopped a bit short: If over-mingled with the accompanying vodka, namesake ingredients will lose some of their piquancy. When, exactly, is too long? Beats us—but Lyme Bay prides itself on employing England’s top spirits experts. In addition to liqueurs, this close-knit, committed company based in Devon produces award-winning wines, ciders, and meads.

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