In a show stopping display of artistic partnership the Facundo Rum Collection, the luxury line of rums from the Bacardi family’s private reserves, will launch an exclusive line of bar trays in collaboration with Latin American artist Damian Aquiles. They will be unveiling ten one of a kind luxury bar trays, each a totally unique work of art, and true labor of love. The trays are a physical manifestation of years of work, and exceptional natural talent, created by an artist who is completely devoted to his craft. Aquiles himself draws parallels between his work and the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of Facundo’s rum blends. From the selection of materials to the dedicated attention to detail, each blend is itself a unique work of art.

Making his first exhibition in New York since 2004, Cuban artist Aquiles is collaborating with Facundo in the creation of these trays to celebrate the exciting and diverse world of Latin American art and culture that is an essential part of the brand’s origin. Each tray features vivid colors painted on salvaged and repurposed Cuban sourced sheet metal, which is then doused in gasoline and fired up to impart a signature look. These trays are a fitting partner to the special collection of rums meant to sit atop them, and though they may be alike in many ways, no two are the same.

Select trays will be displayed at Aquiles’ “Alquimista” exhibition at the Highline Gallery in Manhattan.