Dedication. Excellence. Luxury. The winemakers at Armand de Brignac know these words a little too well, and It’s made clear through their high-quality devotion to the finished product of the champagne that’s produced at owner Mr. Shawn Carter’s cellars and vineyards. The creation of such perfection does not come easily; what the team at Armand de Brignac work toward to present The Blanc de Blancs en Magnum assemblage is quite remarkable, and proves with excellent taste comes excellent wine-making.

Intense attention to detail is key to the success of this champagne. The team of 18 at Armand de Brignac follow the process with care, from harvesting the fruit to sourcing and designing the bottle, each step is taken to ensure excellence. Only the first and freshest portion of the cuvee press is selected for fermentation, and a unique trio of vintages selected for each assemblage. The metalized bottles are created by hand, to the very last detail of the French pewter label. The 18 people on the team are the only ones who touch this bottle, from the beginning stages of production, to your glass.

The blanc de Blancs en Magnum is produced with 100% chardonnay and has notes of toasted almond, butterbeans, and pastry dough.

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