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Winery – Domaine Sainte Rose
Wine – Low Yield Roussanne
Vintage – 2013
Varietal – 100% Roussanne
Score – 93/100
Price – GBP £9.99 USD $13.10


I loved this the first time I tried it and I love it even more now! It’s aged beautifully since its release over a year ago and it will continue to do so for at least another five to seven years I should think. A really graceful wine, with an abundance of subtle complexities and endearing nuances. It’s a real thought provoker, and a rare, but pleasant foray into Roussanne for myself.

Pineapple, peachy, honeyed and grassy – a cacophony of aromas and flavours, which are intense and incredibly moreish. A bone dry and impeccably long finish, offers fantastic balance, alongside a fungal note that had intensified somewhat since I first identified it, upon first release. The integration of oak is softer, the layers more subtle, yet the acidity still vibrant & the warming alcohol finish incredibly comforting.

Serve only slightly chilled, between 12-14’c. Anything colder and you really will do this wine a disservice, as it’s mutes the character entirely. Food wise, cod mornay is the perfect partner to this blockbuster wine.