Region: California

Vintage:  2015

Winemaker: Marshall Stuart

Grapes: 75% cabernet franc, 10% malbec, 8% zinfandel, 7% petite sirah

ABV:  14.6%

SRP:  $42

703 cases

Another highlight from the Lorimar line-up!  While cabernet franc is often a secondary blending grape among the “big five” from Bordeaux, in this blend it gets to be the star. This is a very impressive bottling of cabernet franc – it’s obviously American, in the sense that it has more structure and ripeness from the warm California climate than what one finds in traditional Loire cab francs, for example the malbec gives it some violet-hyacinth aromatics and the zin and the petite sirah amp up the voluptuousness. Made in loving memory of Lorimar co-founder Lawrie Lipton, this wine for me shows thoughtful winemaking and an impressive blending technique. It is superb wine, one which would be yummy with some tri-tip off the grill with a blueberry infused BBQ sauce.

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