For around 250 years visitors traveling just beyond Glasgow could find Littlemill, one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland.

Lowland single malt lovers could still visit Littlemill today if it wasn’t for a fire in 2004 that destroyed most of the distillery. Don’t lament, this is not a sad story. Whisky aficionados can still taste the flavors of this historic distillery as the few remaining 1989 and 1990 casks are just now reaching maturation.

Over the years Loch Lomond will be releasing very limited editions of whisky, including this 2015 Private Cellar Edition. Only 1,500 bottles of this edition were produced. Lucky owners will be treated to a 25-year Lowland single malt bottle (750 mL, 50.4% ABV) packaged in an elegant wooden case. For those who want to sneak a sip of their newfound treasure without opening the bottle, the package also comes with a miniature taster of the single malt.

This bottle is retailing around $3,199.