House parties are always fun when you are hanging out with your best friends. However, you can still take the things up a notch with the help of some of most fun and interesting drinking games, such as:

Drunk Artist

Drunk Artist is a “booze” version of Pictionary. The rules of this game simple- your friends take turns being the timer and the artist. The timer has to whisper a word to the artist and they have to draw a picture that represents the same. The remaining people have to guess the word as the timer keeps a track of the time.

If someone guesses the word correctly, the timer has to stop the stopwatch and record the time. Then they have to divide the total amount of time spent (in seconds) by 20, and that’s the number of vodka shots the artist needs to gulp down. So, for instance, if the audience took 1 minute and 20 seconds i.e. 80 seconds in total to figure out the word, then the artist will need to drink 4 shots.

True or False

Hanging out with your friends is all about sharing funny and scary anecdotes about the time you spend with each other. And so, what’s a better drinking game than the one that involves the same?

In “True or False” you and others write down various words on different pieces of paper. Once done, you can put them all in a bowl and take turns picking one piece at a time. Whatever word you pick, you have to share a story that involves the word and your personal life. Now, you can either share a true story, or one that you made up on the spot. Others have to guess whether it’s true or false. The ones who guess wrong have to drink.

Go Fish

In Go Fish, you have to give each player 5 cards and then spread the remaining cards in the middle of the table. The first player goes “fishing” i.e. picks a card from the from the pile and flips it up for others to see. All the players have to find a card of a value equal or higher than the card. The ones who can’t have to drink. This game continues in the same fashion with the players taking turns until one player is all out of cards and declared the winner.

The Hunger Games

“The hunger games” is a game that tests your stomach. However, to play it you need nothing else other than a dice and a kitchen full of a variety of eatables.

Here is how it works- go to the kitchen with others and have each player roll the dice at every turn. Say, you roll a three. The other players will arrange a special “treat” for you using three items (the number on the dice) such as a dollop of custard, a slice of ham, and perhaps a few drops of lime juice. If you are able to polish off this concoction you win and others have to drink. However, if you fail, then it’s you who has to drink.

You can also add your own twists to the game to make it more interesting. For instance, if a player doesn’t want to consume the masterpiece put together by others, he/she can offer a certain amount of money that’s equivalent to the number on the dice. So, if the number is 3, then they can sacrifice $3 that the others will use for an online slot. You can find many more online slots games on Online Casino Karamba.  Whatever is the winning amount, is shared between the players.

Bite the Bag

This is another simple but super fun drinking game to play with friends. For this, all you need to get is a brown paper bag and some of the top American gins or vodka (whichever you prefer).

Place the brown bag on the floor and ask the players to take turns picking it up using nothing but their mouth. If a player is able to lift it successfully without breaking the rules, then win. However, if they fail, they have to drink.

The game gets interesting over time as you have to cut off one inch from the top of the bag after each round which makes it even more difficult to pick it.