This champagne is one you might want to hang on to for quite some time. A true rarity, Assemblage Two of this limited edition 100% Pinot Noir from Armand de Brignac is restricted to only 2,333 bottles, and each Pinot Noir was bottled on June 20, 2016. Most vintages tell you the year, but Armand de Brignac wants you to be the host who knows the exact day of bottling. Additionally, each bottle is individually inscribed with its unique number (1 to 2,333) alongside its disgorgement date, making it a highly collectable display piece. Three vintages, 2008, 2009, 2010 were blended to create the Assemblage Two, and all of them shine together sealed in their gunmetal chalice.

One sip and you’ll be whisked away to the vineyards in Champagne. Each and every grape is hand selected from only the best villages. Only the most exceptional fruit from some of Montagne de Reims best Pinot Noir producing villages make the cut. On the nose the flavors are light, sweet, and herbal including notes of grape, honeysuckle, and peppermint, rounded off with peaks of peach and apricot. Complex layers of fruit, mint, and cinnamon create depth and dimension to the natural sugariness while adding intense undertones. In one word, this ultra-rare Pinot Noir is impressive. Aged for five years, this blend sits as an ultra-exclusive pinot and one that will be sure to leave any dinner guest speechless, whether you have VIP access or not.

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