You enter your home after a long day at work and kick off your shoes, grateful to feel the soft carpet on your tired feet. You head for the kitchen and grab the Malbec you bought last week, eager for a warming drink as twilight sets in. You twist the cork off the bottle and pour a generous glass, but just one because you have work in the morning. Now you need a way to save the wine for later.

Wine preservation tools are hardly uncommon, though they are often ineffective. The typical wine pump that seals by creating a vacuum works well in theory, but perhaps only for a day or two before the cheap seal allows oxygen to seep in and oxidize the wine. Air cannisters that simply spray atmosphere into the bottle also prove to be ineffective for longer periods of time, as they are challenging to use correctly. Using argon gas to create a protective barrier against oxygen, the zzysh® system is the most cost-effective wine preservation tool on the market, with similar products costing anywhere from $300-500 for a full system, compared to zzysh®’s affordable starterset price of $69.90. Don’t risk spoiling perfectly good wine in a hectic life: protect your wine and your wallet with zzysh®.

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