Le Volpi Farm, with a fox mascot (translated from Italian), is a farmstay in the Euganean Hills, which are a group of hills of volcanic origin, a few miles south of Padua. The hills are amidst a regional park and offer their richness throughout the year providing woodland berries, cherries, strawberries, blackberries, jujubes, pomegranates, figs, delicate wild herbs, grapes and fine honey. The hills provide tourists with a wine route that upon exploration becomes paradise through its local wines and traditions that are perfectly paired with seasonal products from vegetable gardens, fields, farmyards and vineyards.

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The Rossi Luciani family who has an appreciation for the land of the hills established Le Volpi. It has become one of the most notable new wine and food producers in the region, also offering agritourism, a Bed and Breakfast service and production of olive oil. It started off with vineyards and olive groves – a unique combination that has resulted with a creation of exquisite quality. The Veneto hills provide ideal conditions for the best crop and with the care of Le Volpi Farm; the land gives fruits that are then transformed into a variety of wines and oils. Though all unique through aroma, color and flavor, they all reflect the land that raised them. Le Volpi has created an environment that’s welcoming and picturesque. A destination for all wine lovers and appreciators; go on and savor a piece of focaccia (flat bread) with local olive oil and a glass of decadent wine for the perfect traditional Italian country experience. Ciao, amici!

Le Volpi Winery drinkmemag.com drink me