Wine can be intimidating, I remember when I took a wine appreciations class that was the first thing my professor said. He then told us to throw that thought out because you shouldn’t be intimidated by something so delicious that changes your dining experiences, friend gatherings, really your entire lifestyle. La Crema is a wine that will make you feel comfortable and happy. With their simple labels, great variety and a fun website (there’s a Which Wine Are You Quiz!), you’re very likely to fall in love with this winery. They have dedicated over 30 years to exploring the many expressions of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from California and Oregon’s finest growing regions such as Willamette Valley, Sonoma Coast, Russian River and Monterey.

La Crema’s winemaking team seeks to express the essence of each terroir in their wines, capturing the unique personality and flavor profile of the vineyards is very important to them. Craig McAllister infuses their winemaking process with a highly personal touch that combines the best of traditional Burgundian techniques with a contemporary Californian style. The next time you’re in Sonoma County Wine Country, you can stop by their La Crema Tasting Lounge to explore products you may have never tasted before.

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