Chardonnay is the enviable grape that can be so many different things—lean and clean to butter bombs to late harvest and sparkling. The 2016 Prescription is an assertive wine with a docile price tag. This single-appellation chardonnay from Clarksburg is stainless steel fermented but with added oak. Fermenting it this way allows the winemaker to get the attributes of the oak but reduce the price of production considerably. Eighty percent of the wine went through full malolactic and at nearly 15 percent alcohol it will cure what might be ailing you.

There are strong notes of honeysuckle, crème brulee, guava, lemon cream, lime kefir, Werther’s Original, and a bright acidity. It’s a big boy, a high-octane wine for those who want performance and an abundance of rich flavors.

What’s Its SRP? $20/ 750ML

Where Can I Find It?, 8,000 cases