With the weather FINALLY starting to scratch and claw it’s way out of what seems like a never ending winter, pretty soon we’re all going to need to act accordingly. Part of ringing in summer means starting to enjoy beer that is apropos to the warm weather. What better way to celebrate the solstice than by enjoying some of the best peach beers on the market. Today we list the 5 best tasting peach beers that you can enjoy during the sweaty time of year.

Avery Brewing: Perzik Saison
Perzik Saison drinkmemag.com drinkme Top Peach Beers

A perfect way to kick off this list, Avery Brewing’s Perzik Saison is a classic dry saison that features a great peach flavor. As will be with most beers on this list, the peach flavor featured in Perzik, though apparent is not overbearing. The masterful brewing of Avery focuses on mostly on the crisp light flavor that peach brings to the table. The sweet aroma and drinkable flavor makes this beer perfect for enjoying on a pontoon boat in July.

Where can I find Perzik Saison?

Dogfish Head: Festina Peche
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A Berliner Weise with hints of peach, Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche uses the tartness that peach flavors have rather than sweet in order to flavor this summer classic. The sour and natural peach notes combined with dry hops make this beer a unique yet delicious summertime favorite that doesn’t hit the drinker over the head with artificial flavor.

Where can I find Festina Peche?

The Dudes Brewing: Juice box Peach
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Another Berliner Weise, The Dudes Juice box Peach is made to refresh. Juice box features a low alcohol content and a delicious juicy peach flavor. With notes of peach nectar, honey, and salt, this beer is reminiscent of a peach sweet tea. Juice box is perfect to sip on a hot summer day while swinging in a hammock with your loved one (dogs included).

Where can I find Juice box Peach?

New Belgium Brewing: Eric’s Ale
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Making it’s momentous return this summer, New Belgium’s Eric’s Ale is a sour brings forth an eclectic array of flavor. With a classic yeasty sour taste countered by the sweet aroma and taste of peach, this beautiful sour pours a golden amber color with a creamy white head. The back and forth between sour and sweet flavors will surely challenge the drinker… and we mean that in the best way possible.

Where can I find Eric’s Ale?

Odell Brewing Company: Tree Shaker Peach IPA
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The only IPA featured on this list (unprecedented), Odell Brewing Co.’s Tree Shaker is an incredible IPA with an unusual twist. It’s classic imperial IPA flavors make this beer quite a stomach-full to take down. This would most likely considered a detriment if it’s notes of sweet peach nectar didn’t make it so damn hard to not want to enjoy several. Tread lightly when enjoying this high ABV peach lover’s dream.

Where can I Find Tree Shaker IPA?