In the mid-1990s only a handful of craft distilleries existed in the U.S., mostly making assorted flavored vodkas to keep up with popularity and sales. Among that group was Bendistillery, the small batch maker of Crater Lake Spirits nestled in Tumalo, Oregon, named after its nearby hometown of Bend. Sourcing local ingredients from nearby farms provides Crater Lake Spirits with incredible products, but the purity of their mountain water allows their spirits to be made with exceptional quality, integrity, and an eye for detail.

The Crater Lake Spirits lineup includes a superb selection of infused and flavored vodkas, as well as some unique collaborations. A few favorites are the Sweet Ginger Vodka, Pepper Vodka, and Hazelnut Espresso Vodka. Partnering with their Oregon neighbor, Deschutes Brewery, Crater Lake Spirits launched Black Butte Whiskey, beginning its life as Deschutes’s Black Butte Porter. Retaining its signature flavors of malt and chocolate, this whiskey is balanced out with earthy flavors of oak and wood grain. Crater Lake Spirits Rye can’t be forgotten either, as the entire whiskey is made on site with 100% locally sourced ingredients, an accomplishment that even the largest distilleries cannot match.

Visitors to the Tumalo Distillery can look forward to a fully immersive tour that allows them to experience the ingredients growing in the fields, the distilling process, as well as the final bottling. For a more intimate cocktail experience, the Crater Lake Downtown Tasting Room in Bend offers a cozy and chic environment to enjoy curated cocktails made with their flagship spirits or test the palate with a tasting. Whether at the Distillery or Tasting Room, discerning drinkers who prefer spirits with integrity will find themselves right at home with a single taste of Crater Lake Spirits and a breath of crisp mountain air.