You kneel on the floor with the MarieBelle box in your lap.  The coffee table would’ve made a more stable surface, but you don’t trust the sky-blue gift too near the giver.  Even the best people are susceptible to chocolate.  You slip off the black and gold tie and open the lid.  The perfect rows of dark- and milk-chocolate ganaches look too good to eat.  Almost.  You select a dark square and place it delicately on your tongue, savoring the extra añejo-infused notes of caramel, nuts, vanilla, cinnamon, and tobacco before biting into the ganache’s rich, creamy center.  The chocolates are decorated with miniature reproductions of artwork by Ricardo Pinto, Sergio Hernandez, and Pablo Vargas Lugo.  This is MarieBelle’s contribution to the chocolatier’s collaboration with Jose Cuervo, which annually releases its Reserva de la Familia tequila in hand-painted boxes that feature the work of a Mexican artist.  Together, the NYC-based chocolatier and the award-winning Mexican distillery have created a mouthwatering combination that comes exquisitely presented in 16- and 100-count boxes.

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MarieBelle: Facebook // Pinterest // Twitter // Buy Now / $290