Award-winning author, John Schlimm, is set to have his new book MOONSHINE: A Celebration of America’s Original Rebel Spirit hit shelves on September 25. Coming from one of the most notable brewing families in history (Straub Brewery), Schlimm shares his insights and expertise on all things moonshine in this upcoming book, inviting readers to escape into the adventurous world of the magic behind moonshine.

Schlimm introduces readers to moonshine’s rebellious history, along with laying out 50 cocktail recipes and proper preparation tips for more than 50 moonshine infusions of herbs, fruits and spices. Readers without a doubt will be transformed into the mutinous moonshiners they were destined to be by becoming full on experts after reading Moonshine.

Not only does Schlimm talk recipes and tips in his new book; Schlimm also shares over 50 unique and original names known for moonshine, such as panther piss and ruckus juice. After having a taste of these funky and fresh types of moonshine, you won’t be able to sit still after listening to one of the moonshine-themed playlists Schlimm provides—no pun intended. And along with these creative cocktail recipes and playlists, MOONSHINE is saturated with even more fun-facts and corky surprises.

Schlimm’s Moonshine is the ultimate guide you need for the moonshine revival taking place all over the country right now and who knows? — it may even inspire you to create your own original moonshine with your very own abnormal, funky name.

Moonshine: A Celebration of America’s Original Rebel Spirit by John Schlimm will be available in stores September 25, 2018 and goes for $26.00 Hardcover.

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