Photo Credit: Jeremy Ball

In the heart of Burgundy, France, lives the vineyards that contribute to the making of JCB Spirits. JCB is named after its founder, Jean-Charles Boisset, who was born into the world of winery. Using that family history, JCB now produces a line of wine-based vodkas and spirits. A mix of great grapes and fresh spring water is then fermented into wine and distilled 7 times into a spirit. This meticulous process is what roots JCB’s products.

JCB offers luxurious vodkas and an extravagant gin. Their vodka comes in three different ways: the classic vodka, a caviar-infused vodka, and a black truffle infused vodka. The truffles, sourced from the French province of Perigord, is the epitome of luxury. Their caviar, also sourced from France, is a symbol of wealth. Their gin is equally chic, and is infused with 11 different spices, juniper, coriander, and some rose. JCB’s Spirits truly have a je ne sais quoi!

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