Imagine a man larger than life, whose raison d’être is to share his passion – for wine, for beauty, for people and for experiencing every moment. That is the spirit of Jean-Charles Boisset, the Burgundy-born wine impresario and founder of the JCB Collection of wines. The JCB Collection challenges how you think about wine, abandoning traditional tasting notes in favor of personality – audacious, passionate, tumultuous, opulent, mysterious – and isn’t that really how wine speaks to us? Each wine in the collection is a limited edition, and is “named” with a number. These numbers signify a wine style that is achieved vintage to vintage, while also symbolizing important ideas and moments in life. From the flamboyant, vibrant, sensual No 69 Crémant de Bourgogne–  a sparkling wine that is not a dainty pink thing, but a profound mouthful of serious bubbles, to the debonair, charismatic and seductive No 7 Pinot Noir- which has an easy, sophisticated charm.  Chances are, you’ll quickly identify with certain bottles in the stylish collection, and if not, you’ll spend your life trying to.