The most frolicsome of the Deconstructed trio, Jameson Lively nearly prances out of the bottle. Fresh pine, lime, and still-crunchy pear lead the way on the nose; each sip is a swirl of candy, citrus, and heat, lingering just long enough before concluding with a feathery touch of anise. As spirited as the drink is, it’s been made (like all pieces of the Jameson collection) to obediently mature for more than three years on the Emerald Isle in earning the name of certifiable Irish whiskey. Some rebellious drops, of course, just can’t be contained—the yearly two percent of manna lost to evaporation is dubbed “The Angel’s Share.” Luckily most Lively stayed here on earth…but don’t tempt the heavens; pin down a bottle before it wings off the shelves!