The beloved Jack Daniel’s brand welcomes a collection of Single Barrel concoctions for your enjoyment. These expressions showcase Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller’s craftsmanship by challenging his grain recipes, barrel judgment, and overall complexity choices. Among the trio of unique whiskies embodying unmatchable smoothness and unparalleled characters sits a stand out rye ready for your review.

Jack Daniel’s introduces their Single Barrel Tennessee Rye whiskey; their first new mash recipe since 1866. Drawing its grain-forward flavor profile from the distinctive 70% rye grain bill, this rye is matured to perfection before touching the inside of a bottle for packaging. The enticing amber liquid ages in Jack Daniel’s own handmade white oak barrels positioned in the upper reaches of their barrelhouses. There, the rye patiently waits until the Master Distiller calls for it. Only then is it bottled at 94 proof to maintain the big, bold rye complex Jack Daniel’s set out to achieve. The finished Single Barrel Tennessee Rye contains rich ripe fruit notes complimented with light toasted oak and the natural rye grain. On the back end of the palate, the peppery spice hints float to the surface to encourage a lingering and satisfying finish.

If this rye speaks to your tastes, grab your bottle before the limited supplies sell out!

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