It’s not that Pinot Noir makes some of the best rose’ because of its nuanced flavor profile, it’s that winemaker Kathleen Inman knows how to treat her fruit. Her 2017 Endless Crush Rose’ of Pinot Noir is stainless steel aged with no residual sugar and only 12.9% alcohol. Is it bountiful with strawberry and raspberry? Yes. But there are also subtle notes of plum, pomegranate, honeysuckle and Bing cherry. The flavors are focused since this was not a saniger method rose’ but was created from the start as a true and intentional rose’ wine. What you get therefore is classic Russian River Valley fruit – in this case organically grown – deftly handled so it expresses itself in a unique and enticing way presenting a balance of fruit, minerality and texture.

What’s Its SRP? $38

Where Can I Find It?

1,215 cases

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