Infusing spirits at home is a little easier thanks to Bespoke Post.

After a year of research, Bespoke Post designed and created Infuse, an elegant decanter and infusing rod combination, perfect for experimenting with flavor additions to your favorite spirits.

Both the decanter and infusing rod are made by the glass experts at Sempli. The handblown decanter has an aesthetically pleasing shape, but it’s the infusing rod that’s truly brilliant. Made with lab-grade glass, the infusing rod holds the ingredients in place, while the glassware’s tiny perforations allow your spirit to flow back and forth between the decanter and the food and spices, soaking up flavors in the process.

The clever design of the Infuse eliminates the biggest pain point of infusing spirits—having to filter the spirit once the process is complete. With Infuse, the spirits are ready for drinks as soon as the infusing rod is removed.

With the hard work of infusing gone, getting experimental with spirits is more tempting than ever.