The value of estate-grown is never to be undermined. Located on a beautifully rugged property on a ridge in Moon Mountain resting regally above the great Sonoma Valley sits Liquid Sky Vineyard. The well cared for five acres is bathed in sunlight and dutifully protected from the fog at night by the mountain breeze. Such a climate provides ideal condition for low yields of intensely flavored grapes sitting in volcanic soils allowing wines of depth, character, and sophistication to be crafted. Even Liquid Sky gained its melodic name from the eerily mystifyingly elegance of the foggy skies hovering in Half Moon Bay.

Power team Dave and David embarked on a quest to secure a property unique and sustainable enough to build their winey. Three years of wines from sourced vineyards forced them to begin their search. Upon discovering the majestic plot overlooking the Pacific Ocean and valley, they needed little convincing that this diamond in the rough land was their ticket to success. They decided to invest in some help from organic farmer Phil Coturri and master winemaker Tim Milos, thus the Liquid Sky family was set. Now a flourishing and organic winery, Liquid Sky focuses on vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Rhone varieties. Each distinctive bottle is produced in limited quantities, so if you seem something appealing, and you most definitely will, act fast and click that purchase button.

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